About Victory Fitness

Personal Trainer & Gym in Tralee

Victory Fitness Was Established In 2003. With A purpose to help people achieve greatness. Yes we said greatness, as we believe everyone has the capability to be great.

We support clients ranging from unfit to marathon runners and everyone else in between. We work very closely with our clients to make them become the best version of themselves. The Victory Fitness Team are not just personal trainers,we aim to educate you and help change your mindset.

Here at Victory we treat every client as if you are our only client. We offer a full support service and are committed to you 100%.

The majority of the population have an unhealthy relationship with food. Some people use it as a coping mechanism others just don’t realise the amount of unhealthy foods they are putting into their bodies day in and day out.

Victory Fitness gets into the reasons why clients eat the way they eat. You can be working out in the gym 7 days a week and wondering why you are not seeing changes, if your relationship with food is unhealthy then change will not happen.

We change the mindset therefore everything else changes.

  • Can You See Yourself A Few Months From Now Happy In The Body You Want? If Yes Then You Are Already On Your Way To A New Yo
  • Do You Believe You Can Do This For You? If Yes You’re Half Way To Greatness
  • Are You Willing To Do The Suggested Things And Keep Doing These Things To Achieve The Body Or Fitness Goals You Want? If Yes Then You Are Ready To Take These Steps

If You Answered No Don’t Worry We Can Help You Change That To A Yes!

Stop Saying You Will Start Tomorrow And Start Today. In Fact Start Right Now, What’s Stopping You Take That Leap Of Fate And Contact Us Now!