Are your fitness goals measurable?

We’re finally in week 3 of January, only what feels like 6 more months to go! January is a high-pressure month where many clients feel as if it’s never-ending. We’re frantically trying to get back on track after Christmas and pay-day feels like it will never come.

Now that we are back in the gym for a few weeks, we should be starting to feel more like ourselves. If not, we may need to take a deeper look at our nutrition. Failure to meet our nutrition goals will have a knock-on effect on our training. Ask yourself, are you still picking at the leftover bounty sweets at the bottom of the celebration box? Perhaps you’re not drinking enough water. We need at least 2 litres of water a day, maybe even more to flush out the toxins after the holidays to help you feel fresh and ensure you’re making the most of the training you’re back doing.

Something that we really need to look at is, are our fitness goals measurable? It’s really important to ensure that the goals we are setting for ourselves are achievable. Whether you have a coach or you are training yourself it’s vital that we are SMART about the goals we set out to achieve. What are SMART goals?

Specific – Be clear about what you want to achieve. Your goals are personal to you, no matter how big or small they’re your goals and you cannot compare your journey to others.
Measurable – Set yourself a benchmark so you can clearly see the progress you are making in the run-up to your final goal. An example of a measurable goal would be a benchmark of 5 pushups increasing by 1 each week to hit your goal of 10 pushups in 5 weeks time.
Achievable – To avoid disappointment, ensure that this goal is achievable for you. For argument’s sake, maybe 10 pushups aren’t achievable in 5 weeks if you’ve never done a push up before in your life. However, maybe it is an achievable goal for 8 or 10 weeks time.
Relevant – Ask yourself, why do you want to achieve this goal? Make sure that there is a reason you want to do this. Maybe you want to feel stronger and happier. Regardless of the reason you just need to be sure it’s relevant to your life and your personal goals.
Timely – Ensure you give yourself enough time to achieve this goal. Some goals will take longer than others to achieve. The larger the goal, break it down into smaller milestones to avoid burnout and frustration and disregarding the process completely.

Sometimes it can be easier to stay on track with your goals by hiring a coach to keep you accountable. At Victory Fitness, we offer semi-personal coaching, online coaching and fully private coaching. Semi-personal training gives people the best of both worlds, having a coach, tailored training and nutrition plan but training with a group of people. Online coaching is ideal for those who want to train themselves either in their own gym or at home but still have someone to keep them accountable to their goals. Premium or fully private coaching is for those who still might feel uncomfortable training with others, or are working towards a specific goal and need longer sessions or need the gym to themselves.

Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself. Start today with Victory Fitness. For more information, contact Ronan today.