Boxercise Classes

Every Tuesday at 6.45pm in Tralee

Do you want to let off some steam in a fun environment? But don’t want to get into the ring (literally) then the boxercise class is for you. 45 mins of an effective workout that involves a full body workout.

You will become faster, stronger and more confident and reap all the benefits

  1. You will become stronger; your body will become more conditioned as you will be ducking and diving. You will use your core muscles and thighs; they will become stronger as you will be completing a full body workout.
  2. Get some cardio in without having to walk endlessly on a treadmill. You will be on your feet and your heart rate will be elevated. A much more fun way to burn those calories
  3. Improve your co-ordination, you will have to keep your eyes and hands on the goal at all times, making sure your feet follow too. Improving your motor skills will help you on the way to being more agile and more co-ordinated.
  4. Can help fight stress and is a great way to let off some built up anger. Punch those bags, feel the tensions fall off your shoulders and leave like a new person.

Boxercise is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities