Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching is a private personal training experience that gives you 100% dedicated time with your personal trainer

You receive the privacy of a fully equipped training studio; this works for 2 groups of people

  1. clients who have low self-esteem and feels anxious in a commercial gym and needs the care and attention or
  2. Sports specific who also needs a 100% attention to work on a set goal.

You will receive consistent support to your training, your nutrition and mindset. If you feel that you have been going around in circles and you feel you have got nowhere then a structured coaching plan is recommended for you.

You will come be in the studio privately and with your coach go through strategic planning, creating a roadmap, addressing issues and overcoming any battles you may come up against during your fitness journey.

Here is a list of what you will gain in your premium plan

  • Nutritional examination and a structured plan following from this
    Lifestyle examination around patterns and behaviours
  • One to one coaching in the studio (structured times throughout the week)
  • Progress reviews
  • Support
  • Guidance
  • Access to your workouts through a guided app