Semiprivate Coaching

Semiprivate is the exciting new way to train because the training involves a small group of people which will inspire you to keep going when it gets tough, the cost is reduced which makes it more cost effective

You are coached through your program in a small group of like-minded people with each person doing their own program. It is a beautiful mix of personal coaching & community that develops both autonomy and a sense of togetherness.

You will gain a bespoke programme based on goals and fitness levels. You will gain accountability, consistency, and with the camaraderie with like minded people, you are sure to accomplish all goals that are made within semiprivate training.

You still get the dedicated time with your coach; the group is small so your coach can give you the time and attention needed.

You have access to several training sessions a week as opposed to 1 or 2 and it’s a great way to improve techniques or get you to your goals faster.