How to Measure your Fitness Progress

Progress not Perfection! When getting into a fitness regime, we cannot stress enough the importance of striving for progress, not perfection. Everyone’s idea of perfection is different and perfection is not something that can necessarily be achieved. No matter how committed we are to anything we are always going to have off days. However, there are some tips and tricks we can follow to help us continue to progress along our journey.

  1. Try to move every day – Some days you might just not feel like heading into the gym and that is totally ok. The trick is to try and ensure you are at least doing something. Go for a walk, get out and get moving for at least 30 minutes. This will help you keep a positive mindset even when motivation is dwindling.
  2. Keep your nutrition on track – Good food is key. If we keep our diet and nutrition in check it will help us not lose progress even when our training isn’t at 100%.
  3. Look for sustainable changes – Fad and yo-yo dieting are killers. Make small, better and healthier changes frequently. Over time this will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. The smaller changes are not such a shock to our system and will ensure we are more likely to stick to the changes we make.
  4. Don’t give up on yourself – Don’t panic over the small things, they are only small. If someone told you they were going to throw in the towel after missing one workout, you would tell them they were mad, right? Well, tell the same to yourself. It’s you against you and you should be your biggest supporter.
  5. Focus on you – Your journey is personal. Block out social media, block out what you see others doing in the gym and focus on your own progression. By making small achievable changes to your lifestyle daily, you will continue to be a better person than you were yesterday. Just keep moving forward.

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