How to Stay on the Right Path?

Understand how you best stay motivated. Different things motivate different people. People have different goals. Fitness and having a healthy lifestyle isn’t always about body image. Setting yourself goals, different goals throughout the year will help as you will have something to work towards. Signing up to different events like a 5K run gives you something to achieve. Perhaps in 6 months time, you might sign up for a 10K run and your training changes to achieve that goal. Avoid your training from becoming stagnant at all costs.

Aim to “be healthy” as a long term goal

As your physique and fitness goals might change throughout the year. Aim to keep the feeling of being healthy and fresh as your long term goal. Judging yourself negatively or comparing yourself to others isn’t the way to approach this. Judge yourself off how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Your overall health and wellbeing should be a core focus at all times.

Remember you don’t have to love it

Remember that everyone who goes to the gym doesn’t necessarily love the gym and you don’t have to love it to stick to it. Chances are there is going to be some element of the process that you will love. Whether it may be your diet plan, the workouts, the people you meet while you’re in the gym or maybe just the feeling after you’ve completed a whole week on your plan. No one expects you to become a fitness fanatic straight away but finding at least one element of the process to love will make staying on track easier.

We offer semi-personal coaching, online coaching and fully private coaching. Semi-personal training gives people the best of both worlds, having a coach, tailored training and nutrition plan but training with a group of people. Online coaching is ideal for those who want to train themselves either in their own gym or at home but still have someone to keep them accountable to their goals. Premium or fully private coaching is for those who still might feel uncomfortable training with others, or are working towards a specific goal and need longer sessions or need the gym to themselves.

Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself. Start today with Victory Fitness. For more information, contact Ronan today.