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We support clients ranging from unfit to marathon runners and everyone else in between. We work very closely with our clients to make them become the best version of themselves. The Victory Fitness Team are not just personal trainers, we aim to educate you and help change your mindset.

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Craig L.
07:51 18 Jul 22
10:39 01 Apr 22
I highly recommend Victory Fitness. They are very professional, knowledgeable, approachable and supportive no matter what your health & fitness goals are - whether its general health & fitness or something more specific like body building or powerlifting they have the tools to help you achieve your goals.
Niall F.
08:54 21 Mar 22
Paul M.
17:47 02 Mar 22
donal H.
10:33 01 Oct 21
I would really highly recommend Ronan if you are interested in getting into personal training. I have been with him since last year and it really changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition.As well as coming up with tailored nutrition and exercise plan, Ronan is always on hand to motivate you and checking in to ensure you are sticking with the plan.5 stars from me for sure. If you're looking to make the next step in fitness and health then Ronan is the man.
Katherine B.
09:37 21 Sep 21
The best ongoing two years in Victory Fitness. Ronan is so helpful in everything, he’s there to help you train mentally and physically. His hard work and experience in what he does is put to good use on making other people feel happier inside and outside of your body. If there’s ever something you’re unhappy about Ronan is always there to help. He’s a great personal trainer. His guidance makes you achieve your goals, what more could you want!There were days I dreaded going into the gym only because I had one too many in the pub the night before and that Ronan would sweat it all out of me! He doesn’t accept negativity which is great! He pushed you beyond your limits which you didn’t even knew existed! I could praise Victory Fitness all day.If you’re looking for a gym to go to in Tralee, Victory Fitness is the place you go.
Mary O.
11:35 05 Jan 21
I would highly recommend Victory Fitness to anyone. Ronan is a very professional, kind and genuine human being. He was so giving of his time and commitment to me from day one. This was my first experience of the gym. From the onset I will admit I was struggling and thought I'll never keep this up but he was in constent contact with me every day to check on my progess how I was doing. He is passionate and infectious about what he does and it shows. He is a well balanced funny guy and I really enjoy my time with him.
Colin R.
13:27 25 Dec 20
Amazing set-up with great customer service. Ronan is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, including nutrition and motivation and is fully focused on his clients development. I recommend Victory Fitness to anyone looking for a fully equipped, professional gym and coach whether your goal is building muscle, getting in shape or improving mindset.
seamie O.
22:05 23 Dec 20
What can I say about Ronan?Best trainer, best methods and ability to adapt to each client with each different goal,both physically and mentally. You want results here is where you will get them,you want to reach your true potential here is where you go.
Lauren G.
20:56 23 Dec 20
Victory fitness is the best place to go for anything nutrition, positive mindset or exercise\strength training. Ronan is a fantastic trainer, very professional, kind, easy going and at the same time a great laugh. He has helped me so much on my journey, physically and mentally. I am much more positive about my body now and his programmes show seriously good results. Would highly recommend. The gym is a great setup with everything you need. Ronan also runs classes which I find so good for my mental health and fitness, I really love going to victory fitness and the atmosphere it brings.Lauren
Laoise S.
16:04 23 Dec 20
I highly recommend Victory Fitness. Ronan makes training both fun and challenging and is always working to help you achieve your goals!
Yasemin K.
12:16 23 Dec 20
When I began training with Ronan, it was clear that he put in every effort to help me accomplish goals and change my mindset. From the start, Victory fitness has provided an incredibly personalised and friendly service and I’m really glad to have been able to work with Ronan. Can’t recommend enough 🙂
Adam B.
19:59 19 Dec 20
Ronan is a great pt and I have enjoyed every training session.The guidance he provides is always top class and will help you to reach your goals.
Mick D.
15:21 19 Dec 20
Great service. Very helpful and unbelievable motivator.
Nick D.
15:18 19 Dec 20
I would advise anyone looking for a personal trainer to choose ronan and victory fitness.. Ronans a brilliant motivator, tailors sessions to suit you and your circumstances, changes routines to keep you interested and you can tell he truly cares that you succeed in your goals and he will use all his expertise to ensure you get there.. Great facilities, great atmosphere and most importantly a trainer who gives his all in getting you where you want to go, i couldn't recommend victory fitness enough, joining was 1 of best decisions iv ever made
Mike M.
12:36 18 Nov 20
The time,effort and patience Ronan puts in helping you to your goal is truly phenomenal. Thanks Ronan
Lorraine A.
17:38 26 Jun 20
I've been a client with Victory Fitness for a number of years and I can't thank Ronan enough!From someone that was incredibly intimidated of the gym and lifting weights, I now love working out and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions.Ronan is a fantastic coach, very professional and so easy to get on with. He has a great sense of humor and takes the time to get to know his clients and their fitness goals. He is incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating. He tailors every session, so it never gets boring.Even now in this crazy time with Covid-19, Ronan has tailored home workouts and we have weekly Skype calls to make sure I stay on track.My fitness level is probably the best it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Ronan.I would highly recommend Ronan as a personal trainer. He will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals!
Karen A.
21:40 28 Apr 20
Ronan is amazing. I never liked exercising my sister bought me a voucher for Victory Fitness at Christmas which to say the least I wasn’t pleased with...😁 but once I stepped into Victory Fitness the warm welcome I received from Ronan and his dedication to the job changed my attitude towards the gym. Ronan is extremely caring friendly and professional but is always a good laugh which makes it all even better. Not only am I doing classes but I also do personal training and have nutritional plan from Ronan. I would highly recommend Ronan as I wouldn’t have achieved how far I have came without him.
rebecca A.
21:39 28 Apr 20
I honestly can not praise Ronan enough🙌🏼 Ronan is definitely one of the best if not the best trainer out there.I started Victory fitness 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Ronan not only helps you get results but he honestly cares about you as-well. I never dread going to a class or personal training with Ronan as there enjoyable but will also push you to your absolute limits. I would 100% recommend Ronan as I genuinely can’t imagine my life without the classes or personal trainings now.Ronan cares for his clients beyond the gym he is always one phone call away no matter what day of the week if you are struggling with food or anything Ronan is there to help. This is what truly makes Victory Fitness different from the rest.2 years on I am still training 5 days a week with Ronan even during this isolation due to Covid19 only for Ronan I would not be exercising during this time but thanks to Ronan’s hard work and dedication to the job I have a workout everyday from him to keep me ticking over until we get back to the gym💪🏼
majella H.
11:43 28 Apr 20
I joined victory fitness in November 2019. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Ronan is by far one of the nicest and most charismatic people that I've ever met. I have tried lots and lots of diets and weight loss programmes in the past, to no avail. Since joining Victory fitness with Ronan's guidance and patience, I am now losing weight and getting fitter. I can honestly say if you are thinking about doing PT sessions, please don't hesitate to contact Ronan as you won't regret it.
Linda H.
20:22 15 Dec 19
Christina O.
16:14 09 Nov 19
pa mc M.
10:58 26 Jul 19
fully equipped unreal gym.Did personal training and classes. Found Ronan to be fantastic and helped me achieved my goals. He pushed me and made me face new challenges. Now not only am i fitter and stronger but my confidence is at an all time high. Also did a few classes these were intense but god they got me fit. Can not speak highly enough about victory fitness. Any one struggling i would recommend contact Ronan and I know he can help. Just contact him. best decision i ever made.
23:26 13 Mar 19
Everyone is supper friendly and the general atmosphere of the gym is very welcoming.
16:14 09 Jul 18
Best gym in town